Welcome Nonprofit Organizations!




  • Robert Bogan
    Robert Bogan

    Hello, my name is Robert Bogan, and I work for Denver Rescue Mission in Denver, CO. We use BEE Pro to produce marketing and fundraising emails for our organization that we send out using Salesforce and Pardot. We've been using BEE Pro since 2018. 

  • Ala'a AlSadi
    Ala'a AlSadi

    Hello, happy to be the first!


    My name is Ala'a, and I am a Human Resources Officer at the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP). We use BeePro to design an eye-catching comms that align with the corporate digital identity and to perform easy custom comms with both internal and external parties as per the need/purpose of the email.


    Happy to be in this community and looking forward learning more from you guys.




  • Edwin Fernando Garcia Lozano
    Edwin Fernando Garcia Lozano

    Hello Bee Community!

    Our educational community is located in Colombia, South America. We have integrated BEE Pro into our academic environment to send communications throughout our entire academic community. We have also integrated new features and new connectors like AWS SES.

    It is clear that we love BEE Pro! 😍

  • Jonathan DAHAN
    Jonathan DAHAN

    Currently, using BeeFree with 2 NGO from Marseille, France.

  • Rachael Eidsmoe
    Rachael Eidsmoe

    Welcome everyone! It's so exciting to see BEE users all over the world! I'd also love to know, what are some of your favorite features of BEE Pro? 

  • Robert Bogan
    Robert Bogan

    @Rachael, we love that BEE Pro lets us create emails that look great across multiple platforms and screen sizes, all without diving too deep into the code. We use the comments function to collaborate internally, and we export the HTML to Pardot for Salesforce. 

    Organizing our projects if pretty easy (we organize things by month at the Project level). And by far, my favorite part is the Saved Rows option. It saves us a lot of time.

    We've had some trouble with the new vs old paragraph blocks though. When you have both on one email, the HTML export gets weird, making it hard to edit the code if needed later. And sometimes it affects the design/display of an email. I have noticed that the default rows still use the old paragraph block style, which has caused some delay in having to rebuild emails when someone less technical tries to create one. By the fact that we can update saved rows to include the new paragraph block style is great.

  • Logan

    Hey Robert! Thanks so much for the valuable feedback and for giving us a brief insight into how you and the team at Denver Rescue Mission utilize BEE Pro!

    We're sorry to hear you're having some challenges with the paragraph block feature, though, and I'd be happy to follow up with a ticket to request more information! 

  • Robert Bogan
    Robert Bogan

    @Logan, if you feel that would be helpful for your team, sure. The new paragraph block style is much better than the old one. The only issue is that getting all our templates and saved rows upgraded to the new version has been a challenge. The "default rows" not using the new block styles is probably the most difficult part. Thanks!

  • Marion Guerbet
    Marion Guerbet

    Hi everyone, very happy to be joining the beefree fun :) 

    I'm Marion, Creative Communications Coordinator at Hubbub, based in the UK. We're a creative environmental charity that’s all about inspiring action that’s good for the environment and for everyone. All our campaigns include strong design elements, so having a newsletter that looks as good as we want to make people feel is super important! We were looking into custom-coded Mailchimp templates before realising that beefree could do everything we wanted and more.

    We're just getting started with using beefree, so keen to hear what everyone's experiences are - especially around navigating multiple team members.


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