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  • The Dirty Martinis
    The Dirty Martinis

    Hey, loving using beepro for pro email templates. 

    I want clients to sign a contract within the email template, is this possible?

    Many thanks


  • Orlando

    Hi Garry, 

    While this may not be a feature we have within the builder, you may be able to accomplish this through a third-party client by embedding this in your email. It is also recommended that you attach a link to this contract in your email and handle the management, such as signing the contract on the third-party platform. 



  • Gregory Allan
    Gregory Allan

    I'm a product designer and we use beefree as part of our platform solution.

    When building rows it is common practice to place alternating image and text areas left and right of course, this causes issues when the email reflows to fit mobile; please could you add a setting for rows that lets you choose if you want to stack the left column on top or the right column on top to main train the alternating text on mobile and not have images doubling up.  

  • Marianne Madsen
    Marianne Madsen

    Hi Gregory, thanks for sharing your comment with the community! 
    You should be able to achieve your goal by using the "Stack order on mobile" option in the Beefree builder. This will allow you to decide the order in which your columns are displayed on mobile. You'll find this option in the side panel in the builder for the row you're designing: 

    I hope this is what you were looking for. If not, feel free to comment here again, of course. 


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