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Export to zip function doesn't include all images in email

Hi folks,

I've noticed that when I export a complete email to HTML + ZIP file, many images I used are missing in the images folder within the zip file. When I look at the HTML code, I see those missing files are being pointed back to the server (assumed BeePro). Soo I guess they we're not included in the zipping function.

What am I missing here? Is there an individual file size limit for packaging up files used in the project?



Greg Steinbrecher

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Hi Greg, if you are not getting some of the images within your message this means those images are already hosted on the internet and not in our own bucket (those are not images you uploaded to BEE Pro).



Matteo Mazzolari

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Hi Greg, it seems like an external link. To be sure we would need the image URL you are getting from the code.

Let us know,

Matteo Mazzolari 0 votes


All files I use are strictly files I upload, nothing linked externally.

The expected behavior with export to zip is that all files used in the project are packaged together and sent. Instead of sending me all files in the images folder, some of the files are being given an external link.

Not exactly an export if some files don't come along for the ride.

Greg Steinbrecher 0 votes