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Troubles with access control (locking & modifying)

We have emails that we send out for a number of our clients.  We want to use BeeFree as a front end to build these images, where our admin user creates a template, then our email creators to customize the email for each of our clients.

We have created a template that has an image. We want the treatment of the image (size, location, ratio, placement), to be locked by the admin user.  We want individual content creators to be able to modify the actual image that displays as well as the click-thru URL.


Is this something that can be done? I can't figure out how to certain properties of the image locked without the entire block being locked.  Does the BeeFree access control support this?

Marya Gomez

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HI Marya,

Thanks for explaining the use case. Very useful. Right now when you lock a content element in the editor (see: User roles & permissions), all properties are locked.

So, it's not currently possible to allow for editing of some properties of an image, and not others.

This feature could evolve in that direction in the future, so we're passing your feedback to our product team for review. 

Thanks again!

Massimo Arrigoni 0 votes
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