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No HTML content block available

Hi!  I am a new user of BeeFree through an application called Findjoo. I do not work for Findjoo, I just use their product.  Anyway, I just LOVE BeeFree!  It's so easy to use.

So, I notice from screenshots around your website that there is an HTML content block in the lower right grid position in the Content window. In Findjoo, there is no HTML content block.  In the same position is a Dynamic Content content block - which sounds really cool if I could get it to work. For some reason, once I drag the Dynamic Content content block to the row, there aren't any options in the "Select the Content to Use" box. 

I just want to enter some HTML code.  Do you have any suggestions that I can either do myself or pass on to Findjoo to help them "fix" the problem?

Many thanks,



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Hi Susan, feature availability depends on the editor set up. In this case, the configuration is something handled by Findjoo, so we recommend contacting them about enabling the HTML content block.

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