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Column Stacking Order and Formatting Issue

I have a predicament that I'm hoping to get some help on. I've designed a series of 5 emails that use 3 rows of a 50/50 column (alternating text and img) design and I've read that its not possible to change the stacking order of the columns on mobile. Is this still true or is there a potential workaround for this issue yet? This seems like a basic functionality for responsive design. 

If there is no workaround and I'm forced to check the box "Do not stack on mobile" then I run into more font size formatting issues (img attached).

Am I SOL on these issues? I don't want to redesign my emails...this seems very fundamental. It's possible I'm missing an easy fix. Help!

Kristen Adams

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On this page you always have the images below the text on mobile, regardless of how the columns are on desktop. I know this is a website and email design is different. Just giving an example of what I need to accomplish here.

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