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BeePro Export to Gmail not working

I tried to export my BeePro messages to Gmail Drafts folder but after I clicked the "Gmail" button (as shown below) nothing happen. The popup modal just closed and no message indicating that the export is successful was shown. The message was not in my Gmail Drafts folder as well. Could you please fix this? Thanks.

P.S. I noticed that every time after I clicked the "Gmail" button, Chrome console always shows the 2 error messages below. This may be the reason why the problem occurred.


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Hi there, we have succeeded in reproducing your issue, but we need a little more time to troubleshoot your issue and fix it.
I suggest a workaround to export your email:

  • Download your template from BEE Pro in HTML or ZIP file
  • Export the file/HTML to Google

In the meantime, we'll perform additional troubleshooting to fix the automatic export from BEE Pro to the sending platform.

Thanks for your patience!

Matteo Mazzolari

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There was a problem with connectors to other applications today in BEE Pro. The issue should have been resolved by now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any problems. Thanks for your patience as the issue was located and fixed.

Massimo Arrigoni 0 votes

Hi there,

I'm experiencing the same problem where the export to Gmail connector will not work. It's Jan 3rd 2019. Any ETA on this getting fixed? The connector is extremely important to our system.



John Burns 0 votes

I'm experiencing the same issue, trying to export my email to gmail. Absolutely need a fix for this ASAP!

Big Tooth 0 votes

Hi, we contacted the Google Team about this problem. We hope that it will be solved as soon as possible. We also noticed that the integration is working fine with G suite accounts, but fails with personal Gmail accounts.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll keep you posted.

Matteo Mazzolari 0 votes