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Can't export to Mailchimp

I clicked Export
Export to another application
Selected Mailchimp
Nothing happens. It just closes the export window.
I tried in Safari and Firefox. 

Do I need to download the Plugin? 

I'm using BeePro on the 15 day trial. Maybe since I'm using a trial it won't let me?


Jeff Ellingson

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Hi Jeff, we have succeeded in reproducing your issue, but we need a little more time to troubleshoot your issue and fix it.
I suggest a workaround to export your email:

  • Download your template from BEE Pro in HTML or ZIP file
  • Export the file/HTML to Mailchimp

In the meantime, we'll perform additional troubleshooting to fix the automatic export from BEE Pro to the sending platform.

Thanks for your patience!

Matteo Mazzolari
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There was a problem with connectors to other applications today in BEE Pro earlier today. The issue should have been resolved by now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any problems. Thanks for your patience as the issue was located and fixed.

Massimo Arrigoni 0 votes
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Hello, Matteo 
I haven't been able to export to Mailchimp.
I tried it in different browsers, and nothing happened. When I click on the MailChimp button in the export to another application, the popup window just closes and nothing happens.

How can you help me?

Calotype Solutions 0 votes
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Hi Jeff,

we are sorry about this. It doesn't depend on the fact you are on the free trial, this is an issue we are trying to sort as soon as possible. Please, try to uninstall and install the connector again and try to export to Mailchimp.


Let us know how it goes,



Matteo Mazzolari -1 votes
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