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Template Issue exporting over to Outlook 365 application Version



I am working on creating new email confirmation templates for my Recruiting team. I am using Outlook 365 MSO (newest version 2016), desktop application. Can you please help me understand my issue? I created my template in BEE Pro (Awesome, I love it!) When trying to upload it as a template in Outlook my company name banner, photo of our lobby and social media icons looked stretched. I also tried adding it as a signature (currently using our text confirmation emails templates which are stored in our signatures) to see if this would work and still having an issue. Tried adding it as a HTML -as there is no insert text option. Still no luck. Any idea on how I can pull my templates over into Outlook without my images looking stretched?

I'm trying to avoid, the whole sending the test email then deleting the lines solution. It would be awesome (if possible) to be able to copy and paste the BEE Pro email template into my signatures or creating an Outlook template without the photo's looking stretched. I am trying hard not to disrupt our current workflow for my team.

Any help would super useful.



Alexis Castro / Alexisc

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Hi Alexis, please open a ticket to the support! We'll be happy to help :)

Matteo Mazzolari
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