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is there a way to stop Mailchimp from changing imported HTML?

 One more question....

One reason I'm using Bee is that the Mailchimp editor inserts bullets, extra line spacing, and other artifacts that are way too hard to avoid.  I found that if I created an HTML email and pasted it into Mailchimp as a custom template, it would leave it as I wanted it. So I'm creating that HTML with Bee.

But if I use the auto-export feature of Bee to directly send the HTML to Mailchimp, Mailchimp screws it all up just as if I had created it with the Mailchimp editor.  So I must cut/paste it manually from Bee into a new custom template in Mailchimp to get it to remain as I designed it.

Has anyone had a similar experience and is there a way around it?



Scott Hochberg

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Hi Scott, could you please share with us the pieces of code modified by MailChimp?

Guillermo Padilla 0 votes


Thanks.  Can't immediately recreate but I will watch for this effect and send you something when I see it.

In particular, I remember that if I had an indented list without bullets, Mailchimp forces bullets into the code.

But I will get you an example when I see it happen.

Scott Hochberg 0 votes