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What happens with sent newsletters after free trial?


I would like to get the HTML code for integrating it into one of my emails. To get this code is only possible with the pro version, isn't it?

To try out if this option fits my expectations I would like to make one newsletter and send it out to my subscribers. But what happens after the free trial if I decide not to buy the monthly pro version, will my sent newsletter still look and work normally if I left the pictures online and used the HTML code? Or will the pictures disappear then? 

Thank you in advance

Svenja Cicd

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Hi Svenja, in order to get the code, you should sign up for BEE Pro.

If you just decide to subscribe for the free trial and you previously sent out a newsletter, make sure your images are not hosted in our system, in this way, after the free trial expiration, you should be able to see them.


Matteo Mazzolari
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