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How to insert HTML email into Mac Mail

Hey guys,

I'm new to the world of HTML emails, so bear with me if my questions are novice. 

So I created an HTML email using BEE Pro, and I exported an HTML file. And now I want to send this HTML through MAC Mail. I have read online that I need to actually open the HTML in Safari, and then copy the contents of the page and then paste into a new email message. This option works, but it does mess up some of the formatting when viewing on iPhone and it seems the images/GIFs are now embedded into the email, making it very heavy.

So is there any way to simply send the HTML file from Mac Mail without doing this workaround? And if the answer involves "Connectors", could you please explain how those work?

Thanks in advance!



Geoff Klein

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Hi Geoff, unfortunately this is the workaround in order to import the email you designed into Mac Mail and we don't have connectors, I would suggest, instead of copy the content and past into a new mail, to do it in this way: see the last 30 seconds of this video .

Sometimes the content is messed up in the preview inside Mac Mail but once you send the email, it works. 

With regards to the connector question, we don't have a connector for Mac Mail.

Hope this helps.

Matteo Mazzolari
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