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Emails being generated as RTL?

Sometime over the last few weeks, I noticed some issues when typing in the Bee Pro editor where a cursor placed at the end of a sentence (on the right) would immediately jump to the start (on the left) and all characters keyed in would type there. This was occurring in all browsers, even those without any plugins or other add-ons installed and typing in other web-based applications didn't have this issue.

After not being able to find a setting or any other method of rectifying the problem in Bee, I exported the emails in question and inspected the code at which point I found them to be riddled with dir="rtl" to define right to left text, so my question now is how did this get turned on and where can I turn it off since the text boxes in question don't have accessible code while in the editor and there doesn't appear to be a setting anywhere to choose this.

Jacob Dietz

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Hi Jacob, could you please verify if your paragraph direction is active on left to right and not the opposite?

Matteo Mazzolari
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