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nlparser 400 error when saving template with video content

About a week or two ago we enabled the "video block" featured for our Bee Plugin project, and all the pages the editor was on properly updated to reflect this. Saving a template is normally fine, except when a video block is added and a URL is added to it, and then the template is saved. 

The console shows the following errors every time it's saved with a video block (1), and then refreshes the UI (2):

(1) POST 401 (Unauthorized)
(2) POST 400 (Bad Request)


If we take the video block out immediately afterwards then saving works fine. Did we miss a step in updating the implementation after enabling the video block or something?

Thanks for anything you can think of.

Chris Madore

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Hi there, thanks for your question! I created a ticket, please check your inbox.

Matteo Mazzolari
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Hi Chris,

We have no reports of an issue with video block.  I'm going to reply to your ticket and request more information to help us diagnose the issue.  If you don't receive my reply, please post back to this thread.

Matt Weber 0 votes
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