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varying the width of multi columns

I need to vary my column size. For example, I want to make a 3 columns, but the first column takes up 50% of the width, and the other two columns are 25% each. 

How do I widen the first column and shortens the other two?

or alternatively, if I make 4 columns, how do I merge the first two? so that they join to make a wider width, than the other two?

or from a single column structure, I insert two columns. I have seen you talked about custom HTML columns, but do you have a step-by-step instruction to add the custom HTML? Is it done in bee?


Gus Tanudji

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Hi Gus, currently there is no way to customize the rows as you'd like. The HTML uses a robust grid, and we will soon add more flexibility to it to provide further layout options.

Guillermo Padilla 0 votes
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Agree, we vote for this as well.

Our current use case:

Have a row with 2 columns, the first 25% and the second 75%, so we can add icons in the first and a text block in the second columns (e.g. for tips with tip icon).

Sigrid H. 0 votes
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