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Mailchimp export and editable content

I have been able to export to Mailchimp and I can see a template. But when I create a campaign, all the content is fixed and I can't edit.

I know Mailchimp needs the mcedit code added to custom HTML templates but the BeePro indicates that with the integration, you can export reusable templates into Mailchimp, so I think I'm missing something!

Is there a setting in Bee that I am missing, or do I still need to edit the Mailchimp code after import?

Thank you

Kristen Lee

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Hi Carolyn, yes. The best approach would be to make all the edits using BEE Pro and then export your message to MailChimp once it's ready to be sent

Matteo Mazzolari

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Hi Kristen, BEE Pro integration creates a template in MailChimp. Templates HTML can be updated inside MailChimp (they provide a good markup editor) but not in the campaign. We will check on how to extend the integration to provide a better experience. Thanks for your feedback.

Guillermo Padilla 0 votes

I'm seeing the same issue. When I import the template into Mailchimp, it is not editable like a standard Mailchimp template. Like it's missing those MC codes to allow for elements to be edited.

I realize we can edit the markup directly, but I was hoping we could use the Mailchimp editor once the template was imported to edit the content.

Is the recommended approach to manage all content edits in BEE and export it to Mailchimp each time we send an email? We would be planning on sending emails frequently. 



Carolyn Hammock 0 votes