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UI Bug with HTML Copy

I love the new feature that allows me to copy the HTML directly from the Export modal. However, I did notice a bug tonight when using this feature on the Product page. 

Steps to reproduce

1. Create more than one email design

2. Click the "Export" link in the dropdown on the right hand side next to the "Edit Message" button

3. Select "Keep images online"

4. Click the "Copy HTML" button in modal

5. Paste this code somewhere (e.g. text editor)

6. Repeat the steps above for a DIFFERENT email

7. The code for the NEW email is not copied, instead the previously copied HTML is still copied. 

There is a work around to this issue which requires closing the modal and reopening again at which point the correct HTML is copied. Not a huge deal, but wanted to point it out nonetheless. 

Thanks for making an AMAZING tool. 


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Hi Kyle, thanks for reporting this weird behavior. I'm forwarding it to the development team. Hopefully, it will not be difficult to fix it 🤞

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