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Email Render Problems

I have been testing an email template that I built in your platform, and I am having different views from the Pro BeeFree design builder, to outlook 2016, to my supervisors iPhone, to my Samsung Galaxy S7.

The S7 renders closest to the design viewer on your platform with columns and text line height rendering properly, while my supervisors iPhone renders column elements stacked, but text line height renders properly.

Outlook renders columns properly, but text line height is off.

Could you please advise as to what I need to do have the design render accurately across all platforms.


Phil Campbell   

Phil Campbell

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Hi Phillip, 

We're happy to help!  Most of the time this type of issue is a result of how the email is sent or forwarded.  Can you please raise a support ticket so we can start to gather all of the details?

Matt Weber 0 votes
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