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Message Clipping in Gmail

I'm a fairly new user to Bee Pro and so far I love it. It allows for me to be completely free with my email design. The biggest problem I'm running into though is exactly that - the email is too big and it's getting clipped in Gmail. I don't think this email design is over the top or too large by any means, and yet I've apparently already crossed over the 102kb limit. 

Are there any ways to cut down on the size of the email code? I'm using fill width buttons as my headers but does that use more code than just a colored text header? 

Here's a video that shows my email template.

Any help provided is appreciated.(and I've already looked over this article:


Thank you!

Stephen Hutson

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I'm keen to know, too.

My newsletter with just 4 or 5 images and mainly text is way over the Google clipping limit.

Is one way of getting around it to leave images on the Beefree server rather than downloading the whole zip file?

Margie Beilharz 0 votes
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Hi, images, if not embedded in the email, are used as external resources in the email, so don't impact the message size.

To keep your message weight as low as possible we recommend:

Not adding unnecessary elements when is possible

  • Use paddings instead of adding dividers
  • Don't add a new row if you can use one to manage different contents

Keeping your text clean

  • Applying format to the text you add HTML elements, try not to overwrite styling and formatting, but start each time with a clean plain text or remove the formatting before applying a new one

Keep in mind Gmail limits on your message design

  • Remember that complexity may increase awareness, but also the message size. Check how many contacts will receive it in Gmail
Guillermo Padilla 0 votes
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Hi Margie,

To clarify, the size of the HTML of your email message that Gmail reads doesn't include the image file sizes. It counts the HTML code only.

In BEE Pro, you can indeed download the HTML file (instead of the zip file) by choosing the Keep my images online export option (2nd option from the Export menu dropdown).

Sergio M. 0 votes
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