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Editing the HTML of an existing block (eg. Text)



Is there any way for me to edit the HTML of a block that I've already created (such as text)?

I'd like to edit things like the weight of type, more so than the presets allow me to. I appreciate I can add a HTML block, however I'm by no mean proficient in it and just about get by with editing basic code that already exists.


I'm sure many people would find this a useful tool, but I cannot find any obvious way to do it.



Clare Lewis

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Hi Clare, you should be able to customize your text with the text toolbar formatting options as well as padding and borders and custom fonts (which is soon going to be available on all BEE Pro versions).

In detail, what text formatting options do you need that are not available in the BEE editor?

Thanks for the additional feedback!

Sergio M. 0 votes
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