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Responsive Export is Broken !!!!!!!!


Firstly let me say that I have loved Beefree Pro for the last 1 year, it has been a great tool. Ever since this recent update, most of my emails are broken.


This has now put a hold on the email side of my business.



I encounter these 2 issues

1 - Images fail to show when using mail chimp to send.

2 - Responsive columns broken in mobile.


I even gave the benefit of the doubt and thought "hmm since the UI has updated maybe I should create my template from scratch. I did and still the same result. Here are some screenshots.





Derrick K

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I am 100% sure it is an issue as 1 month before when testing the SAME email export, it rendered perfectly and was improved

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Today we pushed live an update to our HTML generator. Could you test again? Open the message is the editor and resave it. Let us know if the latest change addresses the issue.

Massimo Arrigoni 0 votes
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I created a new message and exported it... Same thing with it being broken on mobile.

Everything still gets pushed off the page to the right.

Is there any way I can talk you into reverting to the previous version before the October update? Maybe re-work on the improvements you made and try again later?

Bee Pro has been like a dream come true for me so far but I can't use it anymore as it is right now.

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I figured out (sort of) what was causing the mobile responsiveness issues in my templates:


In instances where my template was using multiple columns, there was inline styling that was setting a min-width on the div elements that were containing those columns.

This was forcing some sections of the email to be wider than others, causing some sections to appear "squished" to one side. Once I removed those min-width settings on each of the divs, it fixed the issue!



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