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Exported Html is missing Left/Right Padding for buttons

All of the buttons in all of my html files are now showing skinny buttons, but the button height is unaffected. I viewed the source code and it is showing that the padding-left & padding-right is being set with the value that Im using in the builder, however, the px is missing, so the browser is unable to read it.

example: padding-left:20;

should be padding-left:20px;



Paul Webmaster

Official comment


Hi everyone, we're currently investigating this potential bug that was introduced earlier today. We'll follow-up as soon as we gather more information.

Please follow this post to keep up to date.

Sergio M.

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We have exactly the same problem with one of our customers. Is there any plan on when it will be solved? They are on Bee Plugin.

Nimaia Srl 0 votes

Hi everybody,
this is Matteo from the BEE dev team.
We have identified the cause of this bug, and we're working hard to fix it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we have reverted to the previous version of our HTML parsing engine, so that you can go on with your work without this issue.
We plan to re-publish the new version in the next few days, once we are absolutely sure that the new parser is ok.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we'll keep you updated once the new HTML parser version is online!

Best regards


Matteo Santagata 1 vote

Hi everybody,

just a quick note to notify that we have published the new HTML parser for BEE that fixes this bug.

Please let us have your feedback on this!

Matteo Santagata 2 votes