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Import into Outlook and problems

Good evening, I finished downloading my first email proof created with BeeFree. To insert it into an outlook email using "Insert as text" and select the file. html unfortunately load text but no pictures. What can I do? I tried to open the html file with Word, I did copy paste but again there are but distorted images. How do I? Thank you

Christian Ricci

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Hi Christian, the reason why your email isn't showing images is because the images are locally saved in the image folder from the downloaded zip file from BeeFree. You'll have to import those images as well and update the image URLs.

For importing your email from BeeFree into Outlook, we recommend instead to follow these instructions:
1. Send your email message created in BeeFree to your Outlook inbox using the "Send test" feature (from top-left menu)
2. In Outlook, select the email and click on "Forward"
3. Remove the extra spacing at the top and the signature in the footer
4. Edit your subject line
5. Enter your email recipients and send it

Hope this helps!

Sergio M.
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first of all, thank you for your amazing tool!

Unfortunately, I have an Outlook 365 related problem because when I test my email created from, this email is never arrived, neither in the spam box....Someone had the same problem? For gmail, yahoo... it is working fine, but only users have this problem....

Alex Pavlov 0 votes
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Hi Alex, are you sending the tests with the free version or with the pro version?

There are some differences between both services quick-test. The free version is an anonymous service that can be abused to send incorrect messages. This causes some services to mark as SPAM later messages.
The free version has also a limit to the number of messages that can be sent in a day.


Guillermo Padilla 0 votes
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