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Upload images to AWS S3

A feature to upload the content of a newsletter to an own S3 bucket would be great.

When the newsletter HTML is downloaded all images are uploaded and the links in the HTML are updated.

So all I need to do, is to sent the HTML with my newsletter provider/tool.

In the same step the HTML could also be uploaded to S3 and a link in the newsletter for "View in your browser" could be updated.

Finally it would be great to be able to configure the link to S3 ourself. So it would be possible to use custom domains or even Cloudfront.

If you add this as a feature you do not need to host the images, the customer pays for it, does matter if you sent to 10 or 1 million receivers.


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Hi Ralph,

Apologies for leaving this thread unanswered. Are you still interested in BEE?

Just a quick update: At the moment BEE Pro does not connect with AWS S3 from other users, but we're looking into providing this feature in the near future.

As a side note with BEE Plugin you can connect it to your own AWS S3 or other file storage system: see

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