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Retrieving previous newsletter not working

Greetings! I have been experimenting with your editor for the past few days and really love it EXCEPT... for the lack of being able to truly save work in progress! Yes, I have read your post about this and understand that it is somewhat saved in the browser memory but that is really not working very well. For instance, this morning I went to open your editor and retrieve what I was working on last night and the link on your page didn't work at all. This is the second time now that I have nearly built an entire newsletter with your product and then been unable to recover it, forcing me to start over from scratch. Can you give me a better idea as to when you think you will have the ability to actually save work in progress? I love what you have here and want to recommend it to my employer but if I can't get back to my work, it is of no use to us. Thanks!

Randy Sloan

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