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Custom Stucture/Blocks/Modules

Just taking a look around at all the available 'drag&drop' email template generators available now and what appears to be missing for me, is the ability to have 'custom' drag&drop Stucture/Blocks/Modules that are speific to different sectors .... In my case, I would like to create a 'cruise offer' specifc block that would contain a predefined layout for the following fields for example: Cruise Lines, Cruise Ship, Nights, DepDate etc.

Shane Williams

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Hi Shane, we are indeed planning to add the ability for you to configure BEE to support your own custom content. We are still in the beginning phases of developing this advanced feature. So any additional details is very welcome. In your case, is the use case that of a travel agent that is sending a customized offer to N clients, dragging and dropping content in that curated email? Or are you instead referring to "merge content" (tags that will be replaced dynamically at the time the message is sent)? Any other information is very useful!

Massimo Arrigoni 0 votes

Massimo is this feature already online?

this is very important to make the desition about befree.


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