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Bee Plugin - Save as Template


is there a way to save the editor state as a template? I see there is a javascript callback and some commented options (showToolbar) in the code example, but I cannot find the corresponding action in the user interface.

Speaking of templates, how stable is the template format (ex: Is it expected to change before the editor is considered final?

Thanks for this great plug-in: I am currently reviewing many email editors and this is clearly the most promising!

Barthelemy Dagenais Answered

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Hi Barthelemy, thanks for your feedback about BEE plugin :)
The save as template action is ready, only a little of testing separates it from the production environment.
About the template format, maybe some light changes need to be done (any content option), but the general structure is stable and the gap can be managed (in the simplest way by saving it again). We will post updates about this and any other development.

Guillermo Padilla 1 vote
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