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Opposite of "Hide on Mobile"

Is there a feature to do the opposite? Instead of hiding elements on mobile, hide elements on desktop or wider than mobile? Sometimes I have to create static text images, or content which I want to flow in a certain way that doesn't translate well on mobile. Exampe, a layout like, image - text, text - image, image - text... and want it to output in mobile as image - text, image - text, image - text. Unless there is an already viable solution for this type of scenario? 

Rigo Ortiz

Official comment


Hide on desktop is going live on April 6. So... just a few days :-)

You can read more about it here.

Massimo Arrigoni

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I was able to do this just yesterday, but it must have been a feature accidently released, it was great! But now it is gone :( and I can't continue on with my design. 

Matthew Holloway 0 votes

Hi Rigo, thanks for posting your question! We are happy to let you know that, even if we can't provide you with an ETA, this feature will be available soon!

Let us know if you need further information :)

Matteo Mazzolari 0 votes

Hi Matthew, yes, we had a pre-release version up on the site by mistake for a bit of time. Sorry for the teaser :-)

The feature is likely going to be released as part of a system upgrade going live on April 6.

Massimo Arrigoni 0 votes