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Default style for content blocks

If a user starts out with a template/boilerplate, a common behavior is to select the text they want to replace (i.e. the header) and start typing their replacement. When a user does this, however, the template reverts back to a global font, alignment, font size (etc). 

Is there a work around so that the template can retain the boilerplate style of the content block when replacing the text completely? My best workaround is to delete all of the text, with the exception of one letter which I can later delete,

This video shows the current behavior I am trying to explain.



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Hi gharmel, when you delete the text, also deletes the applied formatting (in the same text box you can use different font sizes and styles) at paragraph and letter level. To maintain the paragraph formatting, don't delete it completely when pasting new text, then, apply the needed corrections.

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