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Outlook Mac + PC rendering issues

I'm seeing rendering issues with html outputs from the Bee free tool. I’m seeing rendering issues in two scenarios related to Microsoft Outlook for both Mac and PC.
1. Copying and pasting the content of the HTML from a browser (chrome, firefox, IE, safari) into a new email in outlook both on mac and pc results in the table widths blowing up
2. Sending the email template from Marketo shows a 50% failure rate with the same problem as 1 in that the table widths blow out.
Attached are screenshots of the problem and I'm happy to send our code over to someone. I've reached out via email and gotten no response.


Exported from builder:

In Outlook:

David Wanless

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Hi David,

Did you open a support ticket or send us an email at support[at]beefree[io]? Because we haven't received your email.

This isn't a rendering issue but rather a design choice.

You first need to set the body width of your email message in the BEE editor. This setting is found under the Body tab in the top right menu in the General options section. Once you set the general width to say 500px, all your sections will have the same width.

In terms of layout & design, your email can stretch to the full width or have a boxed appearance. These two designs can be achieved with the background colors setting. You need to set the row background and content background of your structures with two different colors. For example, have a grey row background color (i.e. the outside of your email message) and have a white content background color. By doing this you'll see a boxed design :)

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the quick response.

I have sent emails on August 16, August 29th and again today.

In regards to the body width. This is set in the email builder (see below screenshot).

It seems as though Outlook is not acknowledging that width. I have seen mixed success by setting the outlook specific class to 500px, however that hasn't always worked.

Do I HAVE to set separate colors for the content background and row background in order for it to work?



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Tried separate colors for row and content backgrounds. Didn't make a different when importing into Outlook to send

Template exported from Bee

Imported into Outlook to send