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Bee Pro Login Hidden

So it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to log into my Pro account. There is no login button on either the main site or even the pro site I even googled "beefree login" and "befree pro login" which usually works, but that also had no results.

I finally figured out I had to click through the marketing materials, as if creating a new account, and then I could find a sign in button.

I highly recommend adding an easier login button on the main page or, if it exists, make it more obvious because there are stupid people like me out there who are easily confused. :P

I love the product so far! A simple tool that does exactly what I needed. The few gaps that It has can be tweaked after downloading the message. Thanks!

Justin Grey Welborn

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Hi Justin, sorry that you had a difficult time logging into BEE Pro and thanks for the feedback. We are currently looking into improving the login process.

For reference the BEE Pro login page is
Be sure to bookmark it!

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