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Maximum Width

Feature Request
It would be nice to set a maximum width. I know there's a "Content area" width, but even with this set to the standard (between 500 and 600px wide) It looks funny in gmail. The reason is because the rows span the entire email box, while the message is centered in the middle 1/3 of the email box. So the message looks unprofessional due to the width of the message, and lack of width in the content area. Perhaps make this automatic (Responsive)?

Tyler Meador

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Hi Tyler, if I understand correctly, that's by design. It allows you to center the message (on a desktop; on a smartphone the width is ignored and it switches to 100% of the screen) and use the rest of the row to style different sections of the message using flat design techniques such as the one used by Litmus in the header here:

Let us know if we did not correctly understand the message. Or maybe provide more details on what you would like to achieve.

Thanks again!

Massimo Arrigoni 0 votes

It looks fine on a phone in landscape mode. But desktop emails look unprofessional and Portrait mode on my phone is even worse. Is there somewhere I can post a screenshot for you? It looks the worst on a phone in portrait mode.(I'm not complaining, I really do love the product. I just thought this feedback may be helpful for the Dev Team)

Tyler Meador 0 votes