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    Willow Elliott

    Hi Vince, so sorry for the delay in our response! 

    Over the last several months we worked on many items that make the HTML created by BEE more compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.The HTML output is already compliant with:
    • role attribute in presentation tables
    • tabindex attribute on image links
    • Presence of ALT attributes
    Things we are not solving yet:
    • Headings, as in our editor there is no explicit attribute for text format (we are looking to introducing it later in 2020)
    • Role attribute for footers or other section with a specific role: currently, there is no way in BEE to specifically define content as having a specific role in the message or page (e.g. there is no way to say "this is the footer in the email"). As a consequence, there is no role defined for that section of the content.
    Things that can’t be addressed by the editor and need work on your end (if not doing yet):
    • Page title: the editor is agnostic to the message name, subject, or whatever text string will be used for the HTML title, which is set outside of it, by the application that sends the image or hosts the landing page.
    • Language: even if the editor is started with a specific language for the UI, the actual content of the message may be different and needs to be indicated by the user outside of the editor.
    • Both things can be handled by post-processing the HTML when saved, adding the tags and values that are needed.
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    Vince Silvey

    Great info, Willow. Thanks for your detailed response! I will pass this on to the product team.

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