exported to gmail but blocked by gmail after sending



  • Roisin  Grieco
    Roisin Grieco

    Hello! Based on the error you provided, this is an issue tied to the ESP who either sent or received the email.

    In this case it would be best to check with your ESP support on what steps to take.

  • V-Owl Station
    V-Owl Station

    Thanks for your reply!

    I have tried to send to different gmail, but all of them are blocked.

    The situation is :

    Simple emails from gmail --- ok

    beefree exported template to gmail (draft) --- not working

    beefree preset template (using gmail plugin load template) --- ok

    beefree import message (copy link from designed template) --- ok

    beefree test mail functions --- ok

    Is it problems from my domain email setting?



  • Marianne Madsen
    Marianne Madsen

    Hello again, 

    Unfortunately, we cannot say what is causing this. We recommend checking this with your ESP's Support, if possible.  


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