I don't see the email editor bar



  • Roisin  Grieco
    Roisin Grieco

    Hello Charley, I'm sorry but it is not clear what you are trying to achieve, may I ask you to provide more information regarding this? 

    I also wanted to clarify that we do not have a Sumo connector available at the moment.

  • Charley Arksey
    Charley Arksey

    Hey Roisin,

    I apologize for any confusion.  I'll try to clarify.

    I bought Gumbamail off of appsumo.com.   Gumbamail uses the beefree email editor, right?

    When I open up the template editor, there's no options to edit the blocks (seen in the picture above).  So I can't the templates.  

    My goal: find out how to get my editor bar back so I can edit the templates.  

  • Roisin  Grieco
    Roisin Grieco

    Hello Charley,

    Thank you for the additional information.

    It seems like you have access to a third-party platform (Gumbamail) that utilizes our SDK product.

    In this case, Gumbamail would be better equipped to help you as we have no control over their product.


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