Adding An Accordion Dropdown - Email Feature


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  • Logan

    Hi Lola! Thanks for reaching out to our community at Beefree; we're happy to have you here!

    That's a great question! Sadly, accordion menus and/or expandable sections are generally unsupported by most email clients, so we don't offer this as a feature within Beefree's email builder. On the other hand, as a suggestion, you could create a copy of your email design and convert it to a Landing Page within our builder. In your email design, you can add a button that directs you to your landing page for more information related to your design.

    From there, you can add a menu section to navigate your landing page's categories or direct your users elsewhere in a new window. Our Page builder also supports a lot more custom HTML functionality than our Email builder doesn't (for similar reasons stated above) if you want to be more creative!

    I hope this provides some suggestions and clarity for moving forward with your project! Feel free to ask more questions if needed, however. 🙂


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