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  • shi chen
    shi chen

    One question regarding synced row, besides the person who created this synced row, is there a option can let the second person has rights to edit the synced row?

  • Orlando

    Hi Shi Chen, 

    Depending on the role, a second user can edit a synced row. Your admin, manager, editor, and contributor can edit the row in the builder, and your admin and manager save and manage these rows. 

    For more, please check out our Saved Rows article in our Help Center. 

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith

    I copied and pasted a row and then changed the content. I tried to add a space between two rows and have been unsuccessful. Can you help me figure it out? Thanks


  • Marianne Madsen
    Marianne Madsen

    Hi Carol,

    In general, you can use padding at the top or bottom of your row to create spacing, but you could also insert a spacer in either row to create more distance between them. Alternatively, you could add an entire new row between the two existing rows to get some space between them. 

    I see that you're associated with a paid Beefree account, so I've created a ticket on your behalf to ask for some more information about your specific design. This way, we should be able to give a more precise answer to your question. Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email from our Support team!

  • Matija Vojvodic
    Matija Vojvodic


    Is there a way to restrict a sync row to be deleted from certain email template by a normal user? 

  • Roisin  Grieco
    Roisin Grieco

    Hello Matija! 

    At the moment, it is not possible to block a user with editing permissions from deleting a saved or synced row from a design.

    The only user that does not have this permission is the Viewer user, who can only comment on designs or send a test email.

    We offer four free Viewers with our Professional plan.


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