Save, update and re-use rows


How many times do you need to reuse content in a different email? How about a footer that you spent time optimizing and want to use everywhere? That's what BEE is about: beautiful emails, fast. So here's another feature to speed up your email design efforts.

Save and Reuse your Custom Rows

Users of BEE Pro can now save content and use it again later. It's a new feature called Saved rows, and it's available in all BEE Pro plans.

When editing a message in your BEE Pro account, you can now design a custom row (e.g. a header, a footer, a "Product of the Month" section, etc.), save it, and easily re-use it in other email messages or templates, dragging-and-dropping it from the Rows tab by selecting My Saved Rows.

There are many ways you can use Saved rows. Here there are a few options:

  • Design a custom footer and use it whenever you need it
  • Update your set of templates with just a few clicks
  • Split a template into different pieces that can be used in multiple layouts


How it Works

1. Find the new icon

You will find a new save icon:

  • In the Row actions toolbar.
  • In the Row Properties panel shown when selecting a row.

This new icon is available for all rows in any email message or template you have created.



2. Pick a name and save

After clicking on the Save icon, pick a name and a Category for your new custom row, and click on Create to confirm and save it.



3. Reuse your new row

Once a row has been saved, it becomes available under the Rows tab, under its Category list, sorted newest to oldest.



4. Update a row 

After clicking on the Save icon, if the row is already saved, you can choose to:

  • Save a new version of the row.
  • Update the existing row (Remember that this choice will not update the row in the templates where it's already used).
  • Update the Row Category



5. Manage your rows 

You can find all your saved rows in your Library section, under My Rows list. Keep in mind that you will also find your Templates in the Library section.

Here you are able to:

  • Filter your rows using the search bar at the top left.
  • Order your rows using the 'Order by' dropdown.
  • See the preview, clicking on the single row.
  • Rename the rows.
  • Delete the rows no longer in use (Remember that this action will delete the rows from your Library, but it will not delete them in the messages where they are used).



6. Manage your rows categories (New)

In your Library section, you are also able to manage your rows categories to set how your rows will be shown in the ROWS tab in the editor sidebar.


For Example, if you want to organize your Footers in a dedicated category you can easily create a new Category clicking on the Add Category button,


naming it (in this example: Footers), and clicking on Create to confirm and save it.



Your category is now created and shown in the categories list, from where you can edit and/or delete it.



Your new category now exists but it's still empty: to add your footers in the new footers category, choose to edit details,


Change the Category


And Update



Now repeat the steps for each footer you would like to include in the new category and:

1. you will be able to filter your rows (in this case footers) for your category in the Library


2. you will be able to find all your footers in your brand new category in the editor sidebar



How User Roles and Permissions Affect this Feature

All users in your BEE Pro account can re-use a saved row, but only Owners, Admins, and Managers can save and manage new rows. For more information read User Roles and Permissions in BEE Pro.

  Owner Admin Manager Editor Contributor
Save rows Feature included Feature included Feature included    
Use saved rows Feature included Feature included Feature included Feature included Feature included


Agency Plan Users

For Agency plan users there is a plus! Saved rows are brand-specific, so when a new row is saved, it becomes available only inside that specific Brand. This means that your Single Brand Users will see only the custom rows for the brand you want to share with them!

What's Coming Next

We're working to enhance Saved rows with lots of additional, useful features, like for example an option to apply the row updates across messages where it's used. So... stay tuned!

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    Granthaalayah Publications

    Very Useful....

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    Mariam Ebrahimi

    Yes! Soooo excited this feature finally rolled out! Makes creating emails so much easier and faster!

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    Matteo Mazzolari

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Michael Rader

    Just checking there is no way currently to delete a custom/saved row?

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    Matteo Mazzolari

    Hi Micheal, with regards to your concern, our team is already working to provide the ability to rename, delete rows, create new categories, and much more.

    We decided to go live with a minimal set of features to provide this highly requested functionality as quickly as possible and start receiving feedback. We are working on several improvements to this important feature.

    I hope this clarifies,

    Edited by Matteo Mazzolari