Using the message details page

Once you save a message, you will exit the editor and land on the Message details page.


You can also return to this page by clicking on View details in your message catalog, from the Actions menu. 

What You Can Do

The Message details page allows you to:

Message preview

The message preview on the Message details page was updated in the spring of 2019, switching from an image to actual HTML. The result is that the preview renders faster, and it shows GIF animations if any exist in the message!


Message URL

Above the message preview is a URL that represents the Web address of the message. Use the icons on the right to...

  • Open it in another browser tab
  • Copy it to your clipboard, so you can paste it elsewhere (e.g. an instant message, social network, etc.)
  • View a QR code that you can read with your phone or tablet to quickly see how the message shows on a mobile device.

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