• Brendon Troy
    Brendon Troy

    I am loving Pages so far - it's truly helped my workflow so much. And I understand that, as with the original email product, designing it must be a tension between simplicity / ease of use and depth of the feature set.

    Still, I must say that I'm already butting up against the need to more carefully tweak my Pages, especially the styles. Similar to how we're able to insert code, it would be amazing if there was a CSS editor of some sort to edit the "global" (internal) CSS for the page, or the ability to edit individual elements' styles. Right now, I'm trying to design a page in Pages that will have another page embedded in it, and matching the style of the embedded page in my BeeFree page is nigh impossible with the style options available to us now.

    With that being said, again, thanks for this great beta product, and keep up the great work, please!

  • Melania

    Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it! We are still working on the Pages feature so we are forwarding your feedback to our Product Team. Best.

  • CJ Russell
    CJ Russell

    The article says, "

    You will find the new Publish feature with a corresponding toggle switch and instantly publish or unpublish your page when you are ready.

    We provide you with a specific link for your page like this one- e.g., which is composed of:

    •, the main domain;

    • V2-SGFl-f9Cn-FSwW-bwR2, a random ID"

    I don't see any of that at all when I toggle "Publish". How do I hook this to a GoDaddy account? Or is there a better way to get this seen online? What is the best /easiest way to do that?

  • Melania

    Hello! You should see those elements in the Page Details area. If you need further assistance, please open a ticket using the widget in your BEE Pro account. Thanks!


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