View & restore a previous version of a message

Available on BEE Pro Team & Agency (see plans & pricing).


We are happy to introduce message version history, a new feature that further improves the email creation workflow in BEE Pro!

With message version history you can now view, restore or export a previous version of your message, and see who made the changes and when.

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Message version history adds a new level of control and flexibility to the process of creating emails in BEE Pro.

Whenever you edit a message in BEE Pro, the system saves a copy of the current version, so those previous versions of the same message are never lost. A list of the versions is available by clicking the History tab on the message details page. You will see the version number, the name of the person who worked on that version of the message, and the time & date of when it was saved.


What changes in the UI?

Once you save a message, at the top of the Message details page you will see two tabs.


  • Details shows information related to the message you've just saved: message name, tags, descriptions, etc. Nothing's changed here.
  • History is a new tab that gives you access to a list of the message versions that have been saved since the feature was activated in your BEE Pro account.


A handy activity tracker for Teams & Agencies

Who made the most recent edits to the latest newsletter? When was the password reminder template restored to a previous version and who did that? Who created the design for this great-looking new product announcement?

With this handy new feature, user activity is tracked and clearly displayed. So people can take credit for the work they did, and - if there is a problem - responsibilities are clearly assigned.




Restoring a previous version

If you need to restore a previous version of a message, navigate to the Message details page for any message and click on the History tab mentioned above. The system will display a list of the versions of the message that have been saved, ordered chronologically starting with the current version.


Each version of the message gives access to the following options:

  • Preview: click to see a preview of the message.
  • Export: push to an external application, download or copy the HTML or save to PDF.
  • Restore: proceed if you wish to replace the current version with a previous one. You will need to confirm the action in order to complete the task.



When you restore a previous version of a message, you may decide to provide a reason and a new version will be created with a copy of the content of the selected, older version. It will become the Current version and will be displayed at the top of the list. What used to be the Current version is not removed, but rather becomes the second one listed in the timeline.

By clicking “confirm and close” you'll take to the version list while choosing "confirm and edit" takes you directly within the editor in order to modify the message.

Exporting a previous message

There may be times when you wish to export a version of the message other than the current one. For example, you could be running an A/B test in another application, and the latest two versions of the message represent the two variations that you wish to use in the A/B test.

You can easily to do because the History tab allows you to export any version listed in the timeline. Just click on Export and select the export options that fits your needs.

Message versions and user roles

When assigning a role to a user, please consider that Contributors are not allowed to restore a previous version of a message, consistently with other limitations that they have when managing messages (e.g. they may not delete a message).


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