Column management



  • James Maguire
    James Maguire

    Is this update going to be available for BEE PlugIn?

  • Willow Elliott
    Willow Elliott

    Hi James, thanks for reaching out. Yes, this will be available in Plugin as well! You can subscribe to our BEE Plugin product updates newsletter if you'd like to receive a notification once column management is available:

  • Massimo Arrigoni
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi James, the update for BEE Plugin went live today, and an email with more details was sent out to all newsletter subscribers. Hope your customers enjoy the new feature!

  • James Maguire
    James Maguire

    Thanks. I received the email. I am excited about the update and can't wait to check it out.

  • Xplan Team
    Xplan Team

    Is it possible to have one column for text then two columns underneath inside a single row? Prefer to have this capability in one row so I can save it as a synched row to input across multiple templates.

  • Logan

    Hi there, Xplan Team!

    Thanks for reaching out to our community; we're happy to have you here!

    In regards to your question, the option to stack columns within a single row regrettably isn't available within the BEE Builder at this time, however, we sincerely appreciate your feedback, and I will forward this to the Product Team for further review.

    In the meantime, the current option to accomplish this would be to create two separate rows, and create the columns as previously mentioned in your comment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but if you have any additional questions, you've come to the right place to ask around!

  • Mr D
    Mr D

    Is there ever going to be the ability to have a pixel set column width, rather than just numbers? OR even down to a column width of 0.5 etc rather than just 2?

  • Marianne Madsen
    Marianne Madsen

    Hi Mr. D, thank you very much for your feedback! There are currently no plans to change the way column management works in Beefree in terms of setting a column width in pixels, but I'll make sure to share both of your suggestions here with our Product Team. 


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