Unable to export a template

In BEE Pro there are templates & messages.

Templates should be a starting point for designing a new message. They act as models/layouts to speed up the creation of a new email, and they are typically not ready to be exported. For example, they often contain placeholder text, buttons without a URL attached to them, etc.

So it's currently not possible to export templates from the Templates tab in your BEE Pro account.

We certainly understand that this can be confusing. You might actually be creating what for you is indeed a "template" (e.g. a template to use in a CRM system, or an email marketing platform, etc.). So... we may change this in the future :-)

For now, the workflow to export a template from BEE Pro is as follows:

  1. Navigate to a Project
  2. Click to create a new message
  3. Select a template to start from
  4. Edit it, if needed
  5. Save it
  6. You now have a message that was created from that template
  7. Now you can export it in a variety of ways, as described here


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