Unable to save a message (using the Firefox browser)

We have heard of instances in which BEE Pro users are unable to save a message when using the Firefox browser. Basically, they click on Save when editing a message, and then the browser just sits there in a waiting state. Below you can see an example of what this issue looks like.


We have found that this can be caused by an issue with "local storage" in the Firefox browser, and more specifically by incorrect/outdated data that are stored.

Here's how to resolve things:

  1. Log into your BEE Pro account
  2. Open the Firefox menu (top right button).
  3. Click on Web Developer > Storage Inspector. A new window will show at the bottom part of your screen.
  4. Select the Local Storage tab
  5. Right-click on https://pro.beefree.io/ and select Delete All (see screenshot below).
  6. Close the developer window and log out of your BEE Pro account.
  7. Log back in and open/save your email messages in BEE Pro.

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