Unable to save a message (using the Firefox browser)

We have heard of instances in which BEE Pro users are unable to save a message when using the Firefox browser. Basically, they click on Save when editing a message, and then the browser just sits there in a waiting state.

We have found that this can be caused by an issue with "local storage" in the Firefox browser, and more specifically by incorrect/outdated data that are stored.

Here's how to resolve things:

  1. Log into your BEE Pro account
  2. Open the Firefox menu (top right button).
  3. Click on Web Developer > Storage Inspector. A new window will show at the bottom part of your screen.
  4. Select the Local Storage tab
  5. Right-click on https://pro.beefree.io/ and select Delete All (see screenshot below).
  6. Close the developer window and log out of your BEE Pro account.
  7. Log back in and open/save your email messages in BEE Pro.

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