Single-brand users

Available on BEE Pro Agency (see an overview or plans and pricing).

What's a single-brand user

A single-brand user is a collaborator, with limited access, that will exclusively work inside one of your account brands. This brand is decided by you (the account owner) during the invitation process, and the overall experience for this user is similar to joining a Team subscription; he will not see any message, template, or assets used in any other brand.

Differences with a standard Agency user:

  • Lower cost
  • The highest role available for these users is Manager
  • Can't be added or deleted through the brand permission settings

When to use a single-brand user

We added this user type to cover two important use cases reported from our customers:

  • An agency working with an external collaborator on a specific project
  • An agency or freelancer that needs to involve customers in the design process

However, it may be useful in any scenario where a user's work needs to be limited to a group of messages or projects.

Adding a new single-brand user

Use the top-right menu to visit the Manage users section:


You will find two options to add collaborators, a standard user or a single-brand user:



Once added, the new user will be listed with a badge that identifies him as a single-brand user:


When you check the brand settings, you will see the single-brand users identified with a badge too:


You can't revoke the brand access for a single-brand user. If you want to cancel the access, you need to revoke the account access in the user management section.

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