Working with menus in Beefree



  • Ковалев Кирилл
    Ковалев Кирилл

    Hello. Do you have any plans to add this feature in BEE Plugin? If so when will it be added?

  • Willow Elliott
    Willow Elliott

    Hi there! Menus are already available in BEE Plugin. You can find the appropriate documentation for this here:

  • Darlene DiNatale
    Darlene DiNatale

    Do you have any plans to be able to create drop-down/sub-navigation menus?

  • Logan

    Hi Darlene! Thanks for being a part of the Beefree community!

    Regarding your question, we sincerely appreciate this feedback! While we don't have any plans to add drop-down or navigational menus, as mentioned in your request, I'll happily pass this along to our Product team for review and consideration! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime. If you find this a necessity within your page design, you can always utilize implementing Custom HTML at your own discretion and expertise.


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