Exporting to Klaviyo


Level up your emails in Klaviyo


BEE is all about beautiful emails, fast. By connecting your Klaviyo and BEE Pro accounts, you can take advantage of the email power & flexibility of BEE Pro to create even better Klaviyo campaigns.

Please note that exporting your messages to Klaviyo requires a BEE Pro Team or Agency subscription.

Connecting the two applications is very easy, and you can choose to do so in one of two ways:

  1. Connect your BEE Pro and Klaviyo accounts before you start designing (from Brand Settings)
  2. Connect the first time you need to send a specific template to Klaviyo (from Export)



1. Connect from Brand Settings

Go to Settings / Connectors ...



... Click the Connect button for Klaviyo



And insert your info to connect. The Account Name isn't mandatory. 



Do you know how to create an API Key in Klaviyo?

Read this article from the Klaviyo documentation 


2. Connect from Export

When your message is ready, click on the Export message button in the Message Details page or from the actions menu on the Messages page within project...



... and then click on Export to another application.



A new window will be displayed with the list of the available connectors. Select Klaviyo and follow the steps to log-in and connect it (see the section above about inserting your API Key). If you have already connected, you will not be asked to do so again.



BEE Pro will confirm that the message has been successfully exported, and you will see it appear in your Klaviyo account.


Connecting to other applications 

Are you curious about using BEE Pro with other sending apps or the availability of new connectors?  Take a look at Using connectors in BEE Pro


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