How do I switch to an annual BEE Pro subscription?

You can easily switch from a monthly to an annual BEE Pro subscription and save even more on creating beautiful emails! 

To do so, log into your BEE Pro account and select My subscription from the account menu located in the top-right corner.

Click on Change plan

At the top of the page, toggle the MONTH / YEAR plan selector to YEAR:

In the lower section of the page, select the plan that you want to upgrade from monthly to early (or switch to a new plan) and click on See changes to get a preview of how your subscription amount would change if you proceeded.

BEE Pro will show you a summary of the changes and indicate the savings that you get from moving to an annual plan. In the example shown in the screenshot below, this customer is saving $396 a year by switching their BEE Pro Agency plan with multiple users to a yearly subscription.

Click Confirm to proceed with the upgrade to an annual plan, and you're all done!

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