Exporting to HubSpot Marketing

Level Up your Emails in HubSpot

Would you like to connect your Hubspot account to your BEE? 

It's easy, but - first of all - you need to check:

  • Your BEE subscription must be Team or Agency.
  • Your Hubspot account settings need to include:
    • A Marketing Hub Professional or Marketing Hub Enterprise HubSpot account
    • All the Admin permissions as well as the following User permissions in Marketing Access:
      • Read, write, and publish access to Email
      • Edit code templates & modules
      • all the other permissions in the screenshot below



All done? Now you can choose to connect your BEE and your HubSpot in one of the following ways:

  1. Connect your BEE and your Hubspot account before you start designing (from Brand Settings)
  2. Connect the first time you need to send a specific template to HubSpot (from Export)

1. Connect from Brand Settings

Go to Settings > Connectors


Click the Connect button for Hubspot


And follow the steps to log-in. Your credentials are not stored in BEE Pro: they are just used to connect your accounts.


2. Connect from Export

When your message is ready, click on the Export message button in the Message Details page


And then click on Push to your sending system.


A new window will be displayed with the connectors list. Select Hubspot and follow the steps to connect it.


Log in to your Hubspot account and your message will be available:

  • As a template when creating a new email in Email > My templates 


  • As an HTML file in the HubSpot Design manager, in a dedicated folder called beepro


HubSpot Required Content

HubSpot requires the following variables to be part of your email template, or it will not be accepted. 

{{ site_settings.company_city }}
Prints the company city (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ site_settings.company_name }}
Prints the company name (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ site_settings.company_state }}
Prints the company state (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }}
Prints the company address (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ unsubscribe_link }}
Prints the URL of the page that allows recipients to manage subscription preferences.

They can easily be found in your BEE account:

  • To add all the info in your footer, use a pre-defined footer under Rows > HubSpot Footers
  • To add only the company's info in a text block, select the desired position and open the merge tags menu (you can also use @ on your keyboard)


  • To add only the unsubscribe link, select the text that you want to use and click on Special links > HubSpot > Unsubscribe (special links are also available when working with images and buttons)


You can also add new HubSpot variables by adding new merge tags and special links to your brand settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of HubSpot do I need?

You need HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional or higher.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Free and Starter do not support the features that are needed for BEE Pro to be able to "push" messages to your HubSpot account.

Is BEE Pro listed in the HubSpot integrations directory?

Yes, BEE Pro is officially listed in the HubSpot integrations directory.

You can find the official listing here.

I'm getting an error message that says that I do not have the right permissions. What can I do?

You must be a Hubspot Admin or at least use an Admin account credentials to login and allow your BEE Pro to send your messages in your Hubspot account.

For more details about user account roles in HubSpot, check the HubSpot user permissions guide.

Multiple Brands / Customers

If you often need to switch between different accounts (e.g. you are designing email templates for several customers, each one with their own Hubspot account), you might be interested in using a BEE Pro Agency account. The Agency version of BEE Pro allows you to set up different brands so you can better organize your emails, control user access, and specify different connectors for each brand (without switching accounts before exporting!)

For example, if you are a digital marketing agency with 10 clients that use Hubspot, you will be able to create 10 brands in BEE Pro and connect each of them to their specific Hubspot account.

Are you curious about using BEE Pro with other sending apps or the availability of new connectors? Take a look at Using connectors in BEE Pro

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