Exporting email templates to HubSpot Marketing

NEW: export messages to your HubSpot Marketing Hub account (Professional or higher) as new, responsive email templates for your campaigns!

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Design beautiful emails for HubSpot

HubSpot is used by over 44,500 companies in more than 90 countries to reach people around the world. Email is a key communication channel in the HubSpot platform, and so it comes as no surprise that many HubSpot users were searching for better, faster, easier ways to create great-looking, high-conversion email templates... and looking at BEE Pro as a solution.

In a nutshell, BEE Pro means beautiful emails, fast! It's a perfect complement to marketing platform like HubSpot, and many email designers like to create their marketing campaigns with the BEE editor, and then export them to their HubSpot account. Let's see how that's done!




Activating the HubSpot connector in BEE Pro

Log into your BEE Pro account and go to Settings > Connectors

If you have a BEE Pro Agency account, you can connect to different HubSpot accounts from different Brands (e.g., you have different clients with different HubSpot accounts), so you will first need to select a Brand (i.e., you will not see the Settings tab if you have All brands selected in the left-side drop-down menu).

If you don't see HubSpot listed, click on Manage connectors to activate it. Please note that there is an extra fee associated with the HubSpot connector, so BEE Pro will ask you to confirm that you are OK with adding this additional fee to your BEE Pro subscription.


Once the connector has been activated on your BEE Pro subscription, go back to the Settings page and click on Install to connect it to your HubSpot account.

To complete the connection steps, you will need to log into your HubSpot account and grant access to BEE pro.


Reviewing your HubSpot account and user permissions

Your HubSpot account needs to be on one of the following plans:

  • Marketing Hub Professional
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise

Please check that you have Admin permissions as well as these user permissions (view all) in Marketing Hub Access:

  • Read, write, and publish access to Email
  • Edit code templates & modules

...and all of the following settings below:



Checking for HubSpot-required content

For your BEE Pro message to be a valid template, HubSpot requires the following email template variables to be part of the content:

{{ site_settings.company_city }}
Prints the company city (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ site_settings.company_name }}
Prints the company name (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ site_settings.company_state }}
Prints the company state (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }}
Prints the company address (set in Content Settings > Email > Footer Information).
{{ unsubscribe_link }}
Prints the URL of the page that allows recipients to manage subscription preferences or unsubscribe from email communications.


Your HubSpot account will not save templates that do not include these variables, and you will not receive any error message if this happens. They will simply fail to show up in your HubSpot account.

To avoid this situation, BEE Pro will remind you to check your message every time you use the connector:


To make it easy for you to add these variables, we included them in the default merge tags and special links settings in your BEE Pro account.

Additionally, we added some pre-defined footers under "Rows > HubSpot Footers" that already include all of the required tags. If you edit them, make sure not to remove any of them. For example, make sure not to remove the unsubscribe tag, which is the link applied to the "unsubscribe" text.


If you don't want to use these predefined footers, or if you wish to add the same tags elsewhere in the message, you can access them as follows:

  • To add the company information in a text block (name, address, city & state), select the desired position and open the merge tags dialog (you can also use the @ key on your keyboard): 


  • To add the unsubscribe link, select the text that you want to use and click on Special links / HubSpot / Unsubscribe (special links are also available when working with images and buttons):


If you run a Team or higher subscription, you can add new HubSpot variables by adding new merge tags and special links to your brand settings.



Pushing the message to HubSpot

In the Messages page or on the Message details page, click on Export to export a message to your HubSpot account. Click on Export to ESP and then select HubSpot.


On the following screen, click on Continue to confirm your selection.


BEE Pro will confirm that the message was successfully exported, and you should see it appear in your HubSpot account found:

  • As a template when creating a new email under the Email > My templates section
  • As an HTML file accessed from the Design Manager



Using the new email template in your HubSpot account

Our HubSpot connector will create a new email template for every BEE Pro message that you export to your HubSpot account. These templates will display when you start creating a new email in HubSpot content:



You can also find your templates from the HubSpot Design manager:



All your imported email templates will be collected in a dedicated folder called beepro.



Frequently asked questions

Question: What version of HubSpot do I need?

Answer: You need HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional or higher. HubSpot Marketing Hub Free and Starter do not support the features that are needed for BEE Pro to be able to "push" messages to your HubSpot account.

Question: Is BEE Pro listed in the HubSpot integrations directory?

Answer: Yes, BEE Pro is officially listed in the HubSpot integrations directory. You can find the official listing here.

Question: When activating the HubSpot connector in my BEE Pro account, I'm getting an error message that says that I do not have the right permissions. What can I do?

Answer: You must be an admin account to grant these permissions to BEE Pro. In other words, when you are asked to log into HubSpot during the authorization process, you must use credentials that are associated with an admin account. Account credentials are never saved in BEE Pro: they are only used in the initial authorization process. For more details about user account roles in HubSpot, please see the HubSpot user permissions guide.

Question: I exported a message to HubSpot, but I don't see it among the email templates. Why?


  • Make sure that the required content has been added to the message in BEE Pro before pushing it to HubSpot. See the section above entitled HubSpot required content.
  • If you used one of the "HubSpot Footers" in BEE Pro (Rows > HubSpot Footers) and you edited it, make sure that you did not remove any of the required content. For example, you can edit the message that includes the unsubscribe link, but you must have an unsubscribe link somewhere in the message for HubSpot to accept it.


  • Make sure that in the HubSpot account you are exporting to, every Marketing element has "write" permissions, as shown in this screenshot:

To access this setting, click on the top-right corner in your HubSpot account (where your avatar is) and choose "Settings". Then click "Users & Teams" in the sidebar, and select your user in the resulting list.


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